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Mastering Winter: A Guide to Stylish Layering

Mastering Winter: A Guide to Stylish Layering:

By Sarah Blake, Owner of East 73rd Ladies Boutique


Hi ladies, I want to let you in on one of my favourite style secrets for winter – the art of layering. As the chill sets in, it’s time to turn up the heat on our wardrobes while keeping our style intact. So, let’s explore the world of winter layering!

1. The Foundation: Start with Staple Pieces

Before we get into the practical details, let’s talk basics. Every winter wardrobe needs a solid foundation, and that means quality staple pieces. Think classic denim, cosy sweaters, and versatile tees. These are the heroes that will carry you through the season.

V2678 push up jeans
V2678 push up jeans

2. Jazz it Up with Key Pieces

Now, here’s where the magic happens. Elevate your look by adding a few key pieces. I’m talking about those statement jackets that not only keep you warm but also make heads turn. Our favourites this season? Frandsen and Normann – trust me, they’re game-changers; super warm but light enough to be comfy all day and night.

Normann Faith Coat
Normann Faith Coat

3. Head to Toe Cosiness: Hats, Scarves, and Boots

No winter ensemble is complete without the right accessories. Pieces and JDY have the perfect hats and scarves to add that touch of flair. And when it comes to boots, Marco Tozzi, s.Oliver, and Kate Appleby have got your feet covered – literally! One of my key tips to my customers is to pop a pair of tights under your jeans or trousers for that extra tough of warmth.

The Kate Appleby Ratho Boot
The Kate Appleby Ratho Boot

4. Wrap Yourself in Warmth: Luxe Knitwear

Let’s talk about the true winter winners – cosy knits. Micha, Pieces, JDY, Anonymous, Cecil, and Street One are bringing their A-game this season. Whether it’s a chunky sweater or a stylish cardigan, layering with knitwear is the key to warmth without compromising on style.

Cecil Tonya Jumper 3

5. Mix, Match, and Own Your Style

Here’s the golden rule – there are no rules! Mix and match your staple and key pieces to create looks that are uniquely you. Experiment with textures, colours, and lengths. Winter fashion is all about expressing yourself while staying snug. Just because they weather is dull and grey, doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be.

So, there you have it – my guide to mastering winter styles through the art of layering. Pop-in to our shops in Ballybunion or Castleisland for some more style inspirations. Remember, fashion should be fun, and winter is the perfect season to experiment.

Stay warm, stay stylish!
Sarah xxx

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